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The Most Favourable Statistical Institute in UK and USA
Manual Data Services, Statistical Programming and Statistical Consulting




You save from 30 % to 75 % in comparison to our competitors in German-speaking countries, because we work with experienced doctoral East European programmers and mathematicians. Additionally there is skilled staff for manual data processing from 10.50 $ or 8.00 £ per hour.

We have the most favourable hourly rates in German-speaking countries, the UK and the USA. We are No. 1 in pricing.

Value for Money

Some consulting firms with better market position resell our statistical East European evaluation to their clients. Without any proving or change. Again and again and with "Made in Germany" label.

Why pay 75 € - 160 € per hour instead of 25 € - 50 € for absolutely the same value?


Data Service Offer:

  • manual data research, data processing,
  • protocols, reports, visualisations, tables, diagrams
  • Up to 1300 man-hours/month

Offer for Statistics and Data Science:

  • Statistics, analytics
  • The bridge between classical statistics and data science and Computer Science
  • Statistical programming
  • Data Mining (Data Science)
  • Scientific publications, review, editing
  • Up to 200 man-hours/month

Clients, Addressees:

  • Companies that need short-term, much, accurate and cheap manual data services
  • Research institutes, CRO, pharma, medicine, psychology, market research
  • Private research, scientists, PhD students

'References', Facts, why trust us?

We have expreince since 2011 and master every project.

The advantages that we propose were already explored by Armed Forces of the USA and big concerns like US Steel and later also Beiersdorf, Siemens, Allianz Group. Read the relevant proofs.

Who we are

At the institute work: three statisticians and a biometrician, a sociologist, a psychologist, a biologist, a marketing specialist, an two IT specialist, (one of them in the same time an interim manager for technical leading of manual data labour staff) and a trainee (clerk).

Safety and Anonymity

Data Safety

Your data is safe the same way like by other German institutes cause of security techniques and discretion. Additionally we propose a data transformation to hide a part (of your choice) and make it irrecognisable but leave it still evaluable for special purposes.


We do not ask any unnecessary questions and do not reveal to third parties any information about your company, person and your orders. For some services you do not need deliver your data, only describe some of properties of the latter.


Institute Twain: the most favourable institute for statistical programming and statistical consulting in Germany