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Become Resellers in Data Analysis and Statistics




We can compute and count. Can you sell as well as we compute?

Make use of your mediation and earn up to 20% on sales in the first year - by appointment. Let’s say you convey a client, who orders our services in the first year for 5,000 GBP. I count him 1,000 GBP more - and transfer it directly to you.

From the clients whom you brought in, recommended, recruited by a chance even without any contract with us, you can achieve commissions of 5% -10% on sales in the first half year.



Approx. sales value per mandate at first time

  1. Private clients (e. g. scientists, who want to publish)
    Value of a mandate ~ 200-600€
  2. Subcontracting
    Value of a mandate ~ 200-700€
  3. medium-sized technological of pharma enterprise
    Value of a mandate ~ 600-900€
  4. Universities, (e. g. software development or laboratory test processing)
    Value of a mandate ~ 1500-4500€
  5. Start-ups, who needs favourable IT-Services (Java, PHP, Delphi, C++, Shiny) or who seek for a cooperation with small subsidiaries from eastern Europe.
    Value of a mandate ~ 900-2500€










Institute Twain: the most favourable institute for statistical programming and statistical consulting in Germany