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Get 7.5% ann. for Your investment annual



Invest, get 7.5%:

If you belive in statistics, then you are welcome to invest in our Institute. We accept investmenst from 2000 EUR and we want to increase the debenture stock to 15.000 EUR more and invest it to the seo-optimised statical content for the most used statistical tools and methods and then later a small dynamical content part for overview of the innovations in Data Science and programming services. We invest primary in passive adversting and good positioning and sales-lending.

Parralell we increase our database of informaticians and analysts. We want to dump west-european prices for analytical services, and to give to gifted and experienced but worse organised east european analysts and informatician a chance to participate on the west european market competition, for west european firms learn to get the gest employee not only from EU but from the thole EurAsia.



Conditions and Risks

You invest your good money and you get 107.5% back after 365 days (or may be earlier). Your you transfer the money in the pot for one more year.

Your Money are never sure. Even by a bank. Absolute safety ist just an illusion. How ever, we think (even if we belife in our positioning Idea and in our strenge) that yout money are safer in a bank than by us (or an other company). If you invest in shares, in real estate or in our company - you always can loose all your money or at least a part and may be a greater than if you loose 2%-3% due the inflation and near-to-zerro interest by the bank.

The question ist - if you ar not so riskavers and want to get the chances to get much more money interest - why you can trust us more than other firms?

May be the best andwer ever given was in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street (2013, with L. Di'Caprio): no one knows whether some stock goes up or down. So one can't say whether our 'shares' winn more or whether some share of portfolio wins more.

We think that there are never many peaople, who love mathematics and especially statistics in the school/university. That is why economists and pharmacology and psychologists will always need statistical consulting and programming. Like people will always quarrel with each other and that is why they will always need lawers. And no mather whether they will or loose by the court - the lawer allways gets his money. The same way - no mather, whether a pharma company or financial start up earn money or loose monea - we allways get our remuneration. Because peaople that do not like mathematics in school will always need some one, who do not like to work with people, but with numbers.










Institute Twain: the most favourable institute for statistical programming and statistical consulting in Germany