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Large corporations write "references" to benefits of mild autism

Our Institute is the first, where not only the relevant experience is being engaged, but also specifically the high intelligence combined with mild autism and statistical and mathematical education or promotion.

A similar concept belongs to a larger international company Auticon GmbH that positions its IT employees (consultants) as autistic or Asperger's autistic, but neither as highly intelligent nor with a PhD in statistics or mathematics.

Subsequently we publish correspondingly some excerpts from the references for these consultants from Autism Spectrum, e.g. Asperger Syndrome. The full references can be found on the homepage of the above-mentioned company.



Concrete 'References' & Facts:

A [mildly autistic] consultant has brought a quality that would absolutely not be taken for granted. – Michael Rönn, team leader at Beiersdorf Shared Services GmbH

After rapid incorporation a [mildly autistic] consultant has accompanied a project of research and development department for several months. His intensive analysis of the theme to be treated has created for the R&D team a very good basis to continue the project. – Stephan Kohorst, Managing Director at Dr. Ausbüttel & Co. GmbH

The [mildly autistic] consulter has entered a project by advanced stage and incorporated himself fast. He was a valuable support for the project team. Das Bayerische Landesbank had made very good experiences with the people with Asperger's syndrome and found their work very rewarding. – Andrea Gläßer, department manager at Bayerische Landesbank

The [mildly autistic] consultant has even created beyond his actual order a high added value for Postbank as a client. Postbank could use the results immediately with his rapid and smooth integration into the existing team and his look for details. – Sven Oelschläger, Head Application Governance at Postbank Systems AG

Two [mildly autistic] consultants had supported a Siemens AG department of functional system testing and functional regression testing . Already in the first week the consultants were able to exceed the average required 125 test case processing per day almost 50%. The creative reorganization of the test case processing by both employees enabled the processing of more than 1,000 test cases within two days. The department of Siemens AG is more than content with the speed and quality of these consultants. – Rainer Degenhardt, program manager at Siemens AG

The [mildly autistic] consultant has supported during one year the team of the Allianz Group IT Reporting with detailed analysis of IT costs in the Allianz Group. All team have learned from the consultant the structured procedure with many technical tricks and replaced the previous manual and error-prone solutions.
– Andrea Schulz, Allianz Group IT Reporting








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