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G-Quality Control

The head of the institute has certified superior intelligence (top 2,5% of people). Besides he has strict quantitative study and many years of experience. This enables him to exhaustively understand the central issue and remember the client's core need. Such exhaustive understanding controls everybody in the institute who work on clients' projects .

High quality is not a trite phrase which is used by any German company. No, this is a natural genetic trait that characterizes (determines) the way of working and mindset of people like the head of the institute and his peers throughout their life. High demands (for quality) cost lifetime. The mild autists invest most of life in the numbers. Ordinary people, however, invest much more during their lifetime in social ties and social networks, fun, politics. So how can the ordinary ones compete for quality standards with someone who marries the statistics?

Most Germany use the word 'quality' independent of how high their intelligence is and how much of their own life time they pay for the quality. We use the word 'favorable' (price benefit) in the first place. But we anyway hold the quality we promise and the quality other promise.



A-Control: Honesty and affinity with numeracy

Everyone faces many speculations and falsifications in their professional life. However, our reports and expert opinion are brutally honest and our statistics are maximally objective. The fanatical need for the truth (and justice) of the head of the institute provide this. Only some mildly autistic persons have this very need (e. g. with a diagnosis of   ICD-10-GM-2015 F84.5 ).

Many modern investigations confirm that (mildly) autistic persons do have a higher affinity with numeracy and behave a more economical rational way. The head of the institute (Dimitrij Kurzer) is a mildly autistic statistician who literally feels numbers. Numbers are his element, they are his world, it has been that way since his childhood.

No one is more honest and has more affinity with numeracy than a highly intelligent mildly autistic statistician.







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