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US Army gives 'references' to high intelligence

US Army, US Federal Government, or US Steel Plant or Philip Morris International were and are in decades also convinced by the concept of the superiority of intelligence.

Subsequently an example from the results of the US-American research:

When performance is measured objectively using carefully constructed [authentic, actual] work sample tests [...], the correlation (validity) with intelligence measures is about .84 [...This 84% are] as large as [...] perfect prediction. When performance is measured using ratings of job performance by supervisors, the correlation with intelligence [] .74 for professional and managerial jobs" – Schmidt, Frank L, and John E Hunter. “Select on intelligence.” Handbook of principles of organizational behavior (2000): Pages 3-14





Read also other excerpts, e.g. in Brooks Air Force Base, Armstrong Laboratory, Texas (USA) or U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences: These and other extracts from the US-American and a military research as well as critical appreciation of this concept.

The Bundeswehr as well as Zahal are not publicly known for such intensive hunting for intelligent minds. However, they used the same practices, e.g. psychometric tests for recruits. They similarly promote higher talented recruits in the officer's career. Thus they aim basically the same as the US Army.








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