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Twain: Numbers are my world.



Numbers are my world

Please read “my world” like “our world”, that is exclusively for Institute Twain, but not inclusively the whole humanity.
Most people live since childhood in the social world and know the numeric world bad or mediocrely. On the other hand, some rare people live since their childhood in the world of numbers and know it so good as a bird knows the sky or a fish knows water. The founder is one of such rare people and claims the world of numbers for his institute.



Why 'Twain'?

Most want to be the No.1. That is why we can observe so many, that are (on their oppinion) the no. 1, first rank.

The digit twain (two) has the meaning of cooperation and partnership. But better seeing details: with both eyes, double peer review.

Also mathematically seen, the digit two (or old English twain) is very important for all numbers of the world: is the first even prime and it divides all even numbers. A prime number is a natural number greater Unity and is only divisible by itself and by Unity.

Mathematicians Godbach and Euler suspected in their exchange of letters in June 1742 that every natural number of the world is a sum of less (2-3) primes. Most mathematicians believe that Goldbach's conjecture is right, although, strictly speaking, it remains unproven.







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