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Statistical Consulting Service Prices



Overview of Remuneration for Statistical Consulting (and IT)

  1. Simple descriptive analysis or design, short description, PC-code and more: 200 €
  2. Complex analysis or design incl. short report and PC-code & output and some visualisations 1000 €
  3. IT-assistance and programming - from 15 € / h.
  4. Statistical consulting (i. a. by statisticians with PhD) from just 25 € / h. to 45 € / h.



Overview of Remuneration for Statistical Programming

  1. Simple SmartPLS implementing or mini SAS code for biometrical routine evaluation 250 €
  2. R-package for statistical simulations for financial asset values: 3.500 €
  3. Matlab software for EMG, ECG signal evaluation: 13.000 €
  4. Excel-calculation incl. simple macros: from 15 € / hour.
  5. Complex Stata programming: from 60 € / St.



Full Price-List

(Download the full price list as PDF file)



Payment & Policy

I accept close to all payment methods. I provide the maximum transparency.

Many people build their general terms and conditions of business according to the US standards of legal practice where they enumerate everything. It is not necessary for German and continental law since the contract law is covered by the Civil Code in which client has a special protection.

I make no general disclaimer for links as far as I guarantee the quality of my work and my sources.




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