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Service Overview, Statistical Service, Scripting



Consulting Enterprises:

for Pharma, Life Science, BioTech field

Preclinical and Clinical Research

  • Phase 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 Evaluations
  • Statistical programming in SAS and Stata
  • flexible, adaptive design
  • cancer research, biomarkers

Regulations in Clinical Field

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • International Conference of Harmonization Guideline
  • Good Clinical Practice, Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Investigational Review Board/Institutional Ethics Committee


E-Commerce, BI,

Marketresearch, Data Mining

  • Campaign evaluations
  • Segmenting and mikrosegmenting of market
  • Conjoint analysis, observations, questioning
  • Statistical programming in SPSS and R-scripting


Data Science (Computer Science) for Business Intelligence

  • Data bases, data processing
  • C++, C#, PHP, Python, VB.NET, Java
  • Outtasking





Consulting Authorities or Universities

  • Copceptional qualitative investigations
  • Research-questions design, adaptation, correction, refining, e.g. about psychology of individuals and masses
  • Demoscopy, recherches, collecting data, trends-observation
  • Data processing, data evaluation, predictive analytics, forecastings
  • Interpretation, efficiency tests, evaluation of authorities processes
  • Software creation for process automatisation
  • Presentation for quantitative scientific circles but also for other addressees.
  • Ferensic analytics









Scientific work and publishing

  • Review of publications
  • Statistical consulting for
    • engineers
    • physicists
    • biologists
    • chemists
    • econometricians
    • political scientists
    • psychologists
  • Assistance, programming
  • Mediation of assistance



Institute Twain: the most favourable institute for statistical programming and statistical consulting in Germany