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Programming and Statistics in the Market Research



Market Research, Data Mining

• Weighing up a campaign, esp. for small and medium enterprises which need only rough analysis
• Accompanying the structuring of a market research project
o definition of the problem
o determine approach, search for sources economically, comparison of Bayesian and classical methodology for problem
o accompany implementation, esp. of the flexible design.
o design and evaluation of questioning customers
• Evaluation of the project
o modeling of dimensions and metrics of product characteristics and customer needs
o segmenting and microsegmenting of market
o data processing in Matlab, SAS, R
o help in interpreting the data evaluation
• Design of automated segment recognition
o Calculations in SPSS
o Graphics and diagrams
o Trends and Kontinuen (??) of developments
o Market development, segment development, development of segment preferences
• Sensitivity analysis, cluster analysis of customers, customer research
• Conjoint analysis
o Randomizing, shifting, card design (?)
o Generic design, orthogonal design
o Programming in SAS and Excel



Example of good market research

"Acknowledging that European consumers have different needs and wants than their US counterparts, the company [Procter & Gamble] conducted massive market research efforts[...] These revealed considerable differences in usage habits. For example, 60% of Germans also use toilet paper to clean their noses[...] In the end, Procter & Gamble launched [his 70-year-old brand of toilet paper] Charmin successfully in an already saturated market." (A Concise Guide to Market Research, using SPSS Erik Mooi, Marko Sarstedt, )











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